LinkedIn: Improving the Job Posting Experience 

A project focused on improving the job posting experience on LinkedIn for recruiters or hiring managers, that helps them attract and recruit relevant candidates for the position.

I'm looking for a job. Not trying to promote one. (???)

Having no clue what the current LinkedIn job posting interface looks like (or job posting in general really), I started, like any user, by posting trying to a job on LinkedIn.


The landing page for LinkedIn Jobs highlights the features and advantages of recruiting through LinkedIn. Some of the key existing features I have identified include:

  • Skills and experience matching

  • Targeted promotion

  • Candidate recommendations

  • Candidate management

  • Budget setting

I moved on by filling out the the job posting form with the intention of identifying any opportunity areas for redesign. Everything was pretty straightforward – clear call to action, easy to fill forms, and questions that seem to cover every hiring company's needs.

But that's as far as I could investigate (I'm not gonna pay for a fake job posting!) 

^ LinkedIn Job landing page

^ LinkedIn Job posting process

Understanding the World of Job Posting

It was interesting getting out of the mindset of an applicant to a recruiter. While there are people (like me) desperately trying to find a job, there are numerous companies desperately trying to hire people as well. 

From my research, I came up with a couple of insights:

  • Negative job application experience would also negatively impact future decisions of the candidate and their network.

  • Positive experiences may lead to candidates encouraging and referring others to apply.

  • Standard, industry-specific job titles were easier to find and more likely to have higher job views and applications.

  • Job seekers want to see details about the jobs that online job postings tend to skip on.

  • The ordering of Job posting content varies based on different professions.

  • Job seekers are interested in current employee's opinions on the company and their job.

  • Using other media such as videos besides text can help Job seekers better understand the company and stand out from it's competitors.

User Segmentation and Needs

Looking through the types of companies that utilize LinkedIn's job posting features, I boiled down the users into two distinct categories:

Emerging Companies:

Companies that aren't as well known that rely on job boards and promotions to find applicants. 


Established Companies:

Big companies that receive a constant heavy flow of job applications due to their reputation.  

Having identified the two user groups, I decided on targeting Emerging Companies and helping improve their job posting experience and attract more applicants.


How might we design a job posting experience that allows emerging companies to attract more applicants? 

Initial Brainstorming

Points of Intervention

New screens

Final Design

So...what's new? The first step of the new job posting experience on LinkedIn now gives companies the option to upload an introduction video. Introduction video allows emerging companies to showcase the companies work, culture and benefits. Introducing a different medium allows for emotive responses and connections with the applicants as well as the platform to deliver information in an one size bite.

I also added a new step which allows companies to invite current employees on LinkedIn to write a review and share their experiences working at the company. The new interface shows the number of employees on LinkedIn and the system automatically filters relevant employees using the Job Functions indicated in the first step. Users also have the option to add and remove keywords. This new feature leverages the vast network and the social functions of LinkedIn to allow emerging companies to provide affirmation from other people's voices and experience to paint a positive image for the company, making it stand out from competition and become more attractive for job applicants.

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