GHOSTY: (A very low budget) Pitch Video

A super low budget 30 second pitch video of an incredibly unrealistic app that helps you carry your groceries....

...because why not?

Design Challenge

Given 1 weeks time, how might we be able to use story telling and rapid prototyping to create a compelling, creative and eye-catching video that successfully conveys to the audience the concept, functions and uniqueness of an app.

The concept of Ghosty was inspired by my own experience; when I stupidly decided to carry four bags of groceries on foot knowing that it would be a 30 min walk. Bad idea Sean. So I wondered – what if theres an app that carries groceries. 


Going into this project, I knew I wanted to do something silly and out of this world (a.k.a SFX). The main challenge was to create a 30 second story that captures the entirety of the app. 

^ Ghosty the cute ghost.

Some things considered when storyboarding was deciding which screens of the app needed to be designed in order to tell a successful story. 

Designing Motion Graphics

It wasn't enough to just have still images of the screens. Because the video is so short, I wanted it to be fast paced and have every frame be meaningful. I designed several screen animations that go hand in hand with the video clips of people interacting with their phones.

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